The Universal Gifts

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As I researched learning styles, I discovered there were two distinct categories based on brain processing preferences historically referred to as being right-brained (creative) or left-brained (logical). After sharing my knowledge, I was often asked how a person could tell … Continue reading

All About Spelling

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Gotcha! I’m actually not going to talk about the program, All About Spelling, because I haven’t used it, but I am going to speak about spelling and right-brained, creative learners. Often, it’s these types of learners that propel a parent … Continue reading

Learning to Read with Sight Words

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I believe there might be a misconception about how a creative, right-brained person learns to read with sight words. From my understanding, when the words “sight words” comes up at school, most often what is being referred to are those … Continue reading

Two Early Writing Styles

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I had the pleasure of hosting my four great nieces at my home this summer for two months. How wonderful is a houseful of girls! A new experience for me with six boys. Coloring, drawing, and pretty creations were often the … Continue reading

Your Child Might Be Right-Brained If …

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I thought it might be useful to list some common traits brought up by parents wondering if their child is a right-brained dominant learner. The most important reason that I share the right-brained information is to help adults shift perspective … Continue reading

A Strong Work Ethic and a Love of Learning

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Two of my children who have attended university partnered with me to present a workshop at some homeschooling conferences on the topic of unschoolers and college. I gave them some common questions to answer in preparation. One was what traits … Continue reading

Sight Word or Phonics?

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Most parents and educators emphatically believe that the best, most reliable path to learning to read is through a systematic teaching of phonics. Even remedial dyslexic programs tend to be based in phonics. As I’ve said here before, is there … Continue reading

Putting Trust in Learning … and Raising Bunnies

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A couple weeks ago, our family spontaneously decided to adopt two bunnies from a homeschooling family looking to place their rabbits. It was so spontaneous, that I didn’t think to ask the sex of the rabbits until we were picking … Continue reading

Life is a Highlight Reel

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An acquaintance of mine has painstakingly decided to put her children back in school. She wrote a beautiful piece describing her homeschooling angst: It’s easy to focus on all our short-comings, unrealized goals, and criticism after we’ve made the final … Continue reading

The Gender Factor

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At my last homeschooling conference, I had a display showcasing the traits of being either right-brained dominant or left-brained dominant (as listed on the sidebar of this website). A lot of attendees of that conference happen to focus on “raising … Continue reading